Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday 15th January 2018


It was Mum's departure day today. We headed off around 9.30am going down the Macquarie Pass towards Wollongong, though we bypassed the city & took the coastal scenic drive.

Our first stop was at Austinmer, for a cuppa & walk along the beachfront. It was a sunny & breezy morning, but good for photos of the crashing waves on the ocean baths & rocks. We stopped at a couple more lookouts & at the Sea Cliff Bridge near Coalfields.

After grabbing some lunch in Stanwell Park we took the boring route on the highway to the airport & saw Mum through to the departure area. It has been a great visit, gone all too quickly.

Austinmer Beach

Ocean baths

BONUS...double hubby!

Wind-blown Mum at Austinmer Beach

Coledale Lookout

Enjoying the views

"Comradeship" artwork

Sea Cliff Bridge looking towards Stanwell Tops & the Bald Hill Lookout
Driving across the Sea Cliff Bridge

Posing nicely

Stanwell Park Beach

Time for goodbyes


We had a touring, scenic drive again today, as we took Jan to the airport for her return to England, via Dubai, and the posh airport lounges. This time we managed to take the right roads and go along the very picturesque Sea Cliff Bridge. 

Sunday 14th January 2018


Mum & I headed out around 11.30am for the Perennial Gardens in Mittagong. The weather was a cool 16C & windy, but the gardens more than made up for the sorry weather; they were lovely.

We drove to Lake Alexandra, but didn't stop. Instead we drove up to Katoomba Lookout on Mount Alexandra. It was a 500m uphill walk from the car park but we did make it!...Eventually!

Mum treated us for dinner at the Scottish Arms to say thanks for the holiday; a great evening to round off her visit.

Me in the Perennial Gardens Bowral

Gardens & flowers

Through the stone gate to the back gardens

A view of the back of the house & gardens

An interesting succulent arrangement

Mum at Katoomba Lookout - Mount Alexandra

Mum & me at Scottish Arms

Me & Hubby

Varena and Jan headed off to do their garden viewing thing, so I did my cricket on TV thing.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday 13th January 2018


The overcast weather was with us again this morning; also cool & breezy.

Mum & I headed off to Berrima to have a look around the National Trust property – Harper's Mansion. It is an original 1840's Georgian style house overlooking the quaint village of Berrima. The rain made us cut short our wanderings, & after an hour looking around the local museum, we returned to Bowral & a late lunch at the house.

Harper's Mansion revisited

More old houses around the village

Jewel Spider

Colourful beetles


With Varena and Jan out I spent the morning in a relaxed way, with just a couple of minor chores and a Skype session with Mum.

All afternoon we enjoyed the aroma of a curry that Varena made in the slow cooker for dinner. It was very tasty!
Friday 12th January 2018


The 3 of us set out for the Minnimurra Rainforest, on the Jamberoo Pass Road today. We had about a 90 minute walk through the rainforest on elevated walkways & crossing several suspension bridges.

Next, it was a pie stop in Robertson for lunch; a popular joint with very tasty pies.

I zoomed out later in the day for an orchid hunt; it was a warm humid afternoon. Happily I found 4 flowering types, though nothing new.

A big storm came in through the evening with plenty of thunder & lightning around for an hour or more. The wind & rain came too, with 22mm falling. Geoff won't need to water for a while now.

The first suspension bridge on the rainforest walk

Stinging trees & birds nest ferns growing on a huge boulder

Another suspension bridge on the walk...

"I said pose, not poser"....

They are SO funny!

"Black Prince" - Cicada

Flannel Flower

Paper Daisy

Sheet lightening above the house

Rain & lightning

Our morning rainforest wander was rewarded with a very decent steak and kidney pie at Robertson on the way home.

Bowral's evening thunderstorm was only notable for Jan's reaction to it. I was very pleased to get almost an inch of rain, so that my watering duties are reduced. But Jan made several comments on how wild and lengthy the storm was. Varena and I found the storm to be a run-of-the-mill thing. I assume that Jan gets very few thunderstorms at her home in England.