Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday 19th November 2017


I had a walk around the Dubbo Botanic Gardens whilst Geoff headed for the mall.

We finally got to taste the Red Earth Estate wines, & enjoyed their cheese platter with a glass of red for him & wine for me! We came away with a bottle of Shiraz, a white wine called Torrontes, & the sparking Shiraz which we both liked.

With my head buzzing for the rest of the afternoon, Bertie was the best place to be!

Japanese Gardens entrance to the Dubbo Botanic Gardens

Statue - like Black Cormorant

Blooming Colour

The hard to photograph Eastern Rosellas -
(they are shy & flighty)

Perfect bloom

Barking Gecko in Standstone

Red Earth Estate Vineyard

Wine & nibbles on the veranda

Saturday 18th November 2017


I had a damp wander around Dubbo, whilst Geoff sensibly hid from the weather.

We watched a couple of shows through afternoon, & the rain continued.
I Skyped with Mum, who seemed “hail & hearty” & chatty.

PS I have just read that the “Australian” translation of Dubbo is “Bumpkin”, & that Coonabarabran it is “excrement”....So we have just stayed in the areas of “Poo & Bumpkin!.....

I spotted several of the "Rhino's" in the Dubbo area

The old gaol is still in the middle of town

Devil's Hole picnic & swimming area

Friday 17th November 2017


Farewelling the Warrumbungles we headed to Dubbo. I had found that the Red Earth Estate Vineyards allows people to camp at the back of the winery. It is only $15 per night with power & water!

It turns out it is a bit of a “bun-fight”, the power is in one small area, so the vans wanting that are squashed together.

The storms rolled in, throughout the afternoon, we hibernated.
But a little while before sunset Geoff noticed that there was a whole rainbow, plus partial second rainbow out over the vines. We rushed out with cameras & brollies, it was a very special sight & the actual sunset was pretty stunning too.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday 16th November 2017


The rain found us again, though it was brief & light. It started as we did the White Gums Lookout walk!

Then we drove back into Coonabarabran, stopping at all the clever & amusing letterboxes that were along the roadside. We topped up with fuel for our continuing journey tomorrow, & returned to the gloom of the Warrumbungle National Park.

I hibernated for the rest of the day, though Geoff braved the weather for a little while, sitting outside to read.

The letterbox run to Coonabarabran


With the Warrumbungles still seemingly devoid of orchids we only had a short walk looking for them. With rain and storms predicted, but not actually coming, we just took it easy for the afternoon.