Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday 25th June 2017


I decided to stay at the house today & keep hubby company for a change. So of course the weather brightened up didn't it!

Bruce got to splash in every puddle & go for a swim in the cane fields. And Geoff & I marched through the boggy mud, luckily I had my newish wellies on.

Many & varied fungi are in the forests here...I'm having no
luck with orchids so these will have to do!

Saturday 24th June 2017


I headed off early this morning; I wanted to go to the Yungaburra Markets with is about 90 minutes from Djarawong. I took the slightly longer route up the Gillies Highway, it has 263 bends in the climb to the Atherton Tablelands( just because I wanted to drive the windy road)!

The markets were good. I also got some local information on places I might find terrestrial orchids, & the Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo. I lucked out on both accounts, but plan to return for further searches!

I was unable to escape the rain of the Tully region, it followed me everywhere I went, though it did brighten up at the markets!

Houses & buildings around the old tin mining town of Herberton

Several murals about the "olden days" in the town, dot the walls

There is even a spy & camera museum here!

A blue & red church!

The rain returned & splotched the lens on this shot
Archie enjoying the almost sun out at the swamp

There were 100's of these Plumed Whistling Ducks
at the swamp making quite a racket!

Busy cleaning

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday 23rd June 2017


It was bucketing down rain when I headed to Mission Beach this morning.

On my return around 11.30am I was presented with a lovely bunch of flowers, a cuppa, & a laser pointer!

The flowers were a thank you from Geoff for my “nursing” over the last almost 3 weeks; the cuppa was because he knew I'd want one, & the laser pointer had been ordered ages ago when I whinged that he bought himself one but not me!!! Now we can spot & point out satellites with red & green laser lights!

Beautiful Lillies

Fringed water Lily

Pink Lotus flower

Pacific Heron

Crimson Finches

Spangled Drongo

Forest Kingfisher

African Tulip Tree

Varena is always a wonder when I need her to be, but she does not get flowers very often. I'm glad she appreciated them. I should do it more often.

My latest rant is about the quality of the commentators for the AFL broadcasts. They seem to have a better grasp of English as a language than the NRL commentators, but by crikey they are in need of a vicious slap around the chops!

Since when is it OK to use terms such as:
  • "Dug out" when they mean the interchange bench,
  • "Acting as a quarter back" when they mean trying to organise the next piece of play,
  • "Back to back" when they mean consecutive,
  • "Pinch hitter" when they mean someone brought in to perform a certain role,
  • "Goal keeper" when they mean someone who stays put near the goal like any defender would,
  • "Get go" when they mean outset, commencement, or start ("Get go" is not even a grammatically correct phrase!),
  • "Verse" when they mean versus,
  • "Shot on goal" when they mean a shot at goal.
The game and tactics have changed little. The phrasing these commentary idiots use has changed. A lot!

These blokes sound like a bunch of under-educated morons when they say these things!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday 22nd June 2017


Yet another return visit to Holden for some warranty work. Whilst waiting we looked over the latest Colorado Ute; NICE! They are on special till the end of June too!

I spent the afternoon sorting photos, updating the diary & Blog; the day just melted away!

Heading up to Abergowie State Forest I stopped to watch
& photograph the cane cutters in action

A very good boardwalk takes you to the "Broadwater" Fig Tree

Giant Fig Tree

Broadwater Creek

Lots of the sugar cane is now in flower

Hinchinbrook Harbour - an up market canalled estate overlooking Hinchinbrook Island


Scary stuff! Varena became all interested in a new ute while we waited at the Holden dealership. Our ute had had some suspension bushes identified as being in need of replacing during the routine service. But as they had already been replaced under warranty a while ago I argued that they should still be warrantable. Holden eventually come to the party, but it meant a follow-up visit from our service attendance. But Varena seemed to smell the new car smell and get very interested very quickly. I hope to be the damp squib on this party!
Wednesday 21st June 2017


I headed away from the miserable, wet, & dreary Tully today, heading south to Ingham. The weather brightened to overcast & no rain as I arrived at the TYTO Wetlands just south of the town of Ingham. It was a pleasant 3km walk through the wetland ponds.

After a cuppa I next headed to the Abergowie State Forest, around 65km north west of Ingham. The new ND Filters got a workout along the Broadwater Creek.

I returned to Tully & it's continuing grey, drizzly weather around 5.15pm.

TYTO Wetlands art

Observation Tower at the TYTO Wetlands in Ingham

Looking across the wetlands & boardwalk

Spangled Drongo & Friarbird at TYTO

More art along the boardwalk

Grass Owl TYTO longimembris - the emblem & name of the wetlands in Ingham

One of the larger wetland billabongs with loads of pink Lotus flowers in it


I loitered around the house and did a few minor things. Yeah yeah tropical paradise!