Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday 12th December 2017


I had a photo sorting & recovery day today.

I was stiff from yesterday's BIG walk...LOL!
Geoff has just helped me work out how far it was & it was a little over 2kms in a straight line. So allowing for our "wiggles" it was probably around 4km! It seemed like 20kms at the time, but 1/2 of it was uphill...I don't like uphill!

The bog/swamp/fen that we had to walk through to find the Bog Bird Orchid

Tony, resting on top of a rock in an attempt to get away from the ants!

The area that one of the types of Leek Orchid were found

A very furry moth - we think it was coming out of it's chrysalis

Black & White Tiger Moth

Mount Ginini car parking area

I headed out to Woden for several things this morning. All up I was out for over three hours. But as I was doing things that needed doing I didn't mind being at a shopping centre so much. 

Monday 11th December 2017


I headed out around 8.30am for Weetangera & Tony's place. Along with Jean & Eyal we were off up to Mount Ginini looking for the rarely seen Bog Bird Orchid (Chiloglottis turfosa).

The trek down to the bog/fen swamp was quite an adventure, & one I have no interest in repeating! Eyal did find the orchid we were looking for, but annoyingly they seem to like growing on ant nests, so as soon as you get down to photograph them you are covered in tiny bitey ants! It wasn't a pleasant time trying to get a couple of decent shots.

Returning to the car we all found several other orchid species; 6 in all with 2 or possibly 3 new to me ones. By the time all the orchids had be snapped, & we'd had a cuppa it was well after 6pm & time to head back! Lucky it is summer & the days are light till around 8pm! I wouldn't like to take this winding, narrow dirt road in the dark & having to descend about 1000m too!

Bog Bird Orchid - Chiloglottis turfosa

Leek Orchids - Prasophyllum sp.
(I'm waiting for the actually names from the Tony the orchid guru)

Highlands Golden Moths - Diuris monticola

Mountain Caps - Caladenia alpina

I spent a lot of time today trying to find information on various jobs that Mum has tasked me with. Mixed success was the outcome.

During the day I prepared dinner from a recipe that Varena has made a couple of times before. I was rather dubious of how it would turn out, but it was fine. And as Varena was not home until nearly 8pm it was a good thing that I done it. Otherwise I'd have had to think of something all by myself.

Sunday 10th December 2017


I was up early this morning, in the vain hope of finding the Late Mauve Doubletail Orchid on Tuggeranong Hill; but it was not to be. I think I was in the right area but too late!

The rest of the day was the usual Sunday routine of taking Val to church & the Canberra-based sisters, Eileen, Meg & Carmel coming over for a "savoury" afternoon tea. Anything with sugar is banned these days (amongst many other things)!

Another hill in Canberra!

The view across to the Brindabella Mountains & Tuggeranong town centre

At least I spotted some Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos

Scenery at the top


After dropping Mum at church I headed off to buy some milk, and found that I had naughtily left my wallet at home. Apart from not carrying my driver licence, it meant I had to scrounge through the car for coins to pay for the milk.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday 9th December 2017


There was new carpet laid downstairs in the house at Farrer today.

Luckily Carmel had invited Val out of the day, so she wouldn't stress with everything being done. The 2 guys putting it in were friendly, put on their music, & got on with the job. They were done by lunchtime.
We spent the afternoon getting the place back to "normal".

Empty lounge with old carpet

"Champ & Chief" the carpet layers

Down to the old floor

Old lino in the study
All new now in the study

New underlay

New carpet; not much difference in colour but new smell & looks heaps better!

A lovely sunset over the house tonight

Hopefully Mum enjoyed her day out. Liaising with the carpet blokes was always going to be a lot simpler if Varena and I were in the house, so we planned on being around all day to oversee the activities and discuss any minor points. The carpet was all finished before lunch, so we moved most things back to their original places, well before Mum returned.

Friday 8th December 2017


I had another day out orchiding day in Namadgi, this time with Tony.

We went to a different area, Honeysuckle Creek Camp Ground, & walked along the Alpine Track. It was a good day out with 5 flowering orchids seen, 1 different one from my finds of yesterday. We also found leaves & buds from 2 other orchids.

Heading out of the park we spotted a Red-belly Black Snake curled up on the roadside, but on closer inspection we realised it was dead, though there was no obvious signs.

Calochilus montanus - Purple Beard Orchid

Diuris sulphurea - Tiger or Hornet Orchid

Orange Fungi

Gastrodia sesamoides

Views of Namadgi 

Up close with Red-belly Black Snake (yes it was dead)

Skipper Butterfly


With Varena out in the ute I stayed around the house doing odd jobs. A short outing late in the afternoon, to Bunnings, was about all for me.
Thursday 7th December 2017


Finally the weather was good enough to head out. I left early, 7.30am, as Val had a 2pm appointment that she needed a lift to.  I decided to go to Booroomba Rocks, out past Tharwa, about an hour away.

I had a fruitful wander, finding 5 different flowering orchids & leaves of another which don't flower yet. It was good to get out in the bush again.

I was back at Farrer in time to drop Val at her appointment, as Geoff had another bout of Vertigo whilst gardening & was in bed when I got back.

I have updated my "seen orchids list". It hasn't been done since October 2016, when Mum asked me how many different ones I'd seen. Back then it was 194 types & now it's 242!

Diuris semilunulata - Late Leopard Orchid

From the back

Another Diuris semilunulata - totally different colourings

Whole plant

Caladenia moschata - Musky Caps

The only Chilglottis valida flower I found, despite seeing dozens of leaves

Tiny wildflowers

I'm getting old!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday 6th December 2017


A cuppa & catch up with Adam Sly at the Curtin shops turned into a 3 hour talkfest; his wife joined us about 2 hours into the chatting. They were both subjected to the Blog Book & seemed to enjoy looking through it. It is over a year since we last saw Adam, & many years since we saw Nevenka, his wife.

The rest of the day was uneventful, though our joint reviewing of the next Blog Book did begin.

Bird Art at the Curtin Shops

I'm not sure what this is!?

More birds


Adam is an ex-colleague from my Canberra days and is always good to catch up with. We had not seen Nevenka for so long I almost forgot what she looked like! Anyway, we all had a long gab-fest over coffee at Curtin.