Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tuesday 25th July 2017


The day started well; by that I mean the weather was still lovely! We headed for Paronella Park for the morning. Sadly the weather went “south” around ½ way through the tour.

After the wander around Paronella we headed up to the Tablelands, to Millaa Millaa, stopping at Henrietta Creek for a picnic lunch; yes, in the rain! But at least we were undercover. Coffee at a Millaa Millaa cafe helped us warm up after the dash in from rain & mist on the hills.

The waterfall circuit ended up being just one waterfall, as the rain was tipping down; AGAIN!

Geoff & me at the Mena Creek Falls - Paronella Park

Silhouetted Dragonfly

Turtle gathering

Birds posing for the camera -
(Bush / Brush Turkey)

Black Butcher Bird

Mick getting chummy with the mascot at
the Mungalli Cheese factory

Our day out was still good, despite the weather. Mick and Jac have not been to this region before, and only Varena had been to Paronella before, so still a decent trip. Mick was very excited to be going to a cheese factory. He makes his own cheeses back home in the Blue Mountains, so is always keen to try new ones and maybe learn something cheesish.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday 24th July 2017


We had a day around the Tully area, checking out Alligator's Nest, Tully town, & Tully Gorge; the weather stayed lovely for us again.

In the late afternoon we went down to Clump Point Jetty, where Geoff & Mick did a spot of fishing. Mick was successful, though it wasn't a keeper.

The Jungle meets the river

Hubby, Jacqui & Mick down at the river in Tully Gorge

Fish feeding at Clump Point

At one with the mosaic Manta Ray

Our visitors have had great weather so far. I think they struggle to believe just how wet it has been up to now. Anyway, as long as they have fun!

Sunday 23rd July 2017


Mick, Jacqui, Geoff & I headed to Wongaling Beach to catch the ferry across to Dunk Island. It had been on Geoff & my to do list from our arrival back in April. Jacqui said they were keen to do it, so we held off till now.

We had a lovely time walking around the island and relaxing at Muggy Muggy Beach. Then it was lunch at the Sunset Cafe, with a further hour to drink in the “tropical island-ness” before the ferry returned to the “mainland”.

On Dunk Island

Sunset Cafe

Selfie everyone

What was once the resort on Dunk Island - devastated
by Cyclone Yasi in 2011

The rocks on Muggy Muggy Beach


Totally Chilled now

The blue sky & sun appears at lunchtime

Dunk Island Jetty

Sun crazed

The ferry home

Wongaling Beach Cassowary

Sista Jacqui enjoying Bingal Bay

Jacqui was lapping up the tropical feel of the area, especially Dunk Island. It was a very good day for our outing, and I think we all enjoyed it.

Saturday 22nd July 2017


We farewelled Daniel in Cairns today & said hello to Mick & Jacqui, who are here for a week's respite from the cold of NSW.
There were several hours to fill in Cairns before Daniel/s flight so we had lunch at the café,  Strait on the Beach, at Holloway Beach, then wandered around Rusty's Markets back in the city.

After dropping Daniel back at the airport, we headed south down the Bruce Highway for Djarawong, getting in around 6.15pm.

Celebration of all things tropical

Jacqui going "troppo"

Oh's catching...troppo hubby too!

Yes it's hair never lies!

The tropics!

Street Art - Cairns

Hidden Café 


It was great to have Dan here for the week. We kept pretty busy, so he got to see quite a lot in a fairly brief time. Unfortunately we had to drop him at the airport a bit earlier than normal, so that we could get Mick and Jac back to the house to start their holiday. Dan seemed fine with a little extra time at the airport, sending us a photo of the beer he was enjoying.

Our 2 hour drive back to the house was a gab-fest as we all caught up. It has been a few months since we have seen each other. There was beer and wine and plenty of food as we continued chatting well into the night. It is good to see them again.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Friday 21st July 2017


We all did something we have never done before today.

We walked out about 1200m to King Reef, which for 4 days a month from May to August, is accessible due to the extremely low tides. Heading out about an hour before the lowest point was a little unnerving; we were the only ones in the beginning. Luckily a single guy joined us at the point when we were debating whether to continue on, as the water was lapping our upper thighs. He said it gets shallower from then on, which it did.

There were large & small starfish, Beche de Mer, sea slugs, and some corals. It was interesting without being amazing like you see on the reef cruises. But it was free & exciting, if a little worrying, hoping there wouldn't be any Stingers (Box Jellyfish), Crocodiles, Sharks or sea snakes.

Where now????


Beche de Mer & starfish


Sea Slugs 

The boat ramp is 1200m away....

More people coming across the water on low tide

Underside of a Sand Dollar

Top side of a Sand Dollar

Close-up of a Sea Urchin

Underside of large starfish


Bumpbucal Creek
Feeding the friendly Curlew


Our walk out to the reef was something that I'm glad we did. We all were a little nervous to be doing it solo, but it all turned out well.