Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday 20th September 2017


There isn't a hell of a lot of things to do around here, but I managed to find them all!

The Artesian Mud Springs were all dried up, the Parroo River was muddy pools, the Yowah Opal fields were devoid of boulder opals (well we didn't find any...mind you we had no idea what to look for!).

Our return trip took us on a couple of dirt roads, the first of which was through a gate...not looking good for the main road, but we did find the road we wanted. After driving through several digging areas, & around mullock heaps, a wider dirt road with warning signs on it appeared.

I dragged Geoff along for an artesian mud bath, the main attraction of Eulo! We had the “Sunset Suite” with huge deep baths, views over a little billabong, & a raging log fire. Nibbles & drinks were inclusive in the package.....

Artesian Mud Baths, also a depositary for all manner of "Stuff & Things"

Another muddy "river", this time it is the Parroo

The Artesian Mud Springs...minus the mud; it is all dried up

Dried Springs & mounds only

Mullock mounds & dirt piles....not an opal seen

A casual road wanderer....we also saw goats & emus

A rapidly drying out billabong

One of the houses for sale in Yowah...offers anyone?


Our poke around the Eulo area was completed by lunch. Emus, kangaroos, pigs, cattle, and goats, all on or near the roads, kept me looking out as we drove around.

I don't recall intentionally having a mud bath before. Plenty of incidental and accidental ones, but not fully intentional; especially paying for the privilege.  Interesting. 
Tuesday 19th September 2017


The tiny township of Eulo was our next destination; it is about 60km west of Cullamulla. We had the pick of the camping spots, being the first ones in for the day! We did have to share with a couple of camper trailers later in the afternoon though!

The sights of Eulo included: a giant wombat statue (COOL!), a Frilled-neck Lizard on a tower, the old police lock-up, & the lizard racing track!

Geoff finally got to use some of his Birdsville wood. It was a lovely evening for a fire; not too chilly!

A Diprotodon - Giant wombat

Old police Lock-Up circa 1930

Bugger..we missed out on these races!

A stone monument is here to remember this day!!!

Typical Outback sunset.

Fire, wine & sunset....tick, tick, tick

The stars starting to appear

During our cleaning up around the Birdsville campground I collected a couple of bags of decent firewood. But with location and wind mainly against us having a campfire since, we have lugged the bloody stuff around half of Queensland. Burning some of it had an extra element of satisfaction.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday 18th September 2017


We had a look at Charleville's “Historic House” this morning. It is located on the main street of the town & was built as a bank & bank manager's residence in the late 1800's.
As with a lot of these old houses it was crammed full of old stuff, from hurricane lamps, typewriters, cameras, farming stuff, & everything else you can think of.

That done & the groceries bought, it was back to Bertie.

At 7pm we went out to Charleville Airport for the Cosmos Observatory Tour...Star Gazing.
We have done a couple of these tours on our travels & find them quite fascinating.

We saw galaxies, a Black Hole (where it would be if we could see it!) & Saturn, with it's rings, quite clearly. The viewing was only an hour long, & we thought expensive at $28 each.

Historic House - Charleville

A couple of  "historic" photos of the "Historic House"...

Geoff called this the "Brutish Bedford"

Restored Trolley Car / bus

Options for heating Bertie on the
cold free camping nights!


Charleville seemed like a nice place, and I thought the van park was good. Having seen plenty of historic houses, and done a few night sky observatory tours, I'd only recommend these Charleville tourist traps to people with limited experience.
Sunday 17th September 2017


It was an R&R day for us here at the Charleville Bush Caravan Park. The ongoing beautiful weather was perfect for reading, & chilling out.

Lovely Sturt's Desert Peas -
Seen on our travels

Sun-baking lizard

Unknown bird

Today was just one of those days.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday 16th September 2017


We went back into town to check out the Graham Andrews Parklands, the Vortex Rain-Making Gun, & for me to get a few shots around town.

After lunch the cleaning bug hit us, with Geoff getting the ute cleaned of most of the Birdsville, Betoota & Bedourie dust....there was a lot, he said.

I tackled a couple more cupboards that had piles of red bulldust in them!!! We will be finding dust/sand for months to come!

We joined in the campfire dinner; for $20 it is all you can eat Beef Casserole, Chicken Curry, Rice & Damper. Also dessert!

Archie & the planets

Trying to make rain...WTAF.....

Graham Andrews Parklands

Grey Egret


Slow moving fire response team in Charleville

Buildings around Charleville


In 1902 desperate times called for desperate measures in regard to the drought affecting Charleville. So, why not fire some cannons at any passing clouds and expect rain? Not a drop of rain was produced, of course, but at least they had a go!

Somehow Varena's suggestion that the car may need a clean ended up with me doing the cleaning. It certainly was very dirty from our outback driving. There were clear splodges of different coloured dirt on the ground when I finished, gathered from all the different dirt roads and tracks we've been on.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday 15th September 2017


We were Charleville-bound today; about 2 ½ hour drive along the Diamantina Developmental Road. This road has steadily improved as we have headed west. It now had a lane in each direction with a white line down the middle. We haven't seen this since driving into Hughenden!

The Charleville Bush Caravan Park is our latest “home” for the next 4 nights. We have a site that overlooks the bush, & can see Brolgas & Kangaroos from the van.

Wooden carving of a Bilby at the
Parks & Wildlife Offices

These are Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies - they are in a captive breeding
& study program at Parks & Wildlife

One chilled out mummy Wallaby

There were a pair of Brolgas around all day in the bush,
but they got closer & closer to the van (though still behind a fence)

Old Machinery & cars dot the camping area

There's heaps of wood piles around the van park
Golden Sunbeams

I enjoyed driving on the bitumen again today. It is so much easier with the van than on the dirt roads.