Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday 26th February 2016


Geoff & his mum headed off to the hospital at the same time I left to see my friends Agnes & Bevan in Dunlop.

We had a good long chat & I got a cuppa & cake. I decided to have a look around Belconnen Mall on the way home. It's probably been 16 years since I was last there, & I didn't recognise the place at all!

On returning to Farrer Geoff told me the News that Greg is likely to be back around the middle of next week. Fingers crossed anyhow!

A colourful Grevillea I saw at the Mongarlowe Cemetery
Sawfly Caterpillar

 More colourful summer flowers,
that are not orchids!

Another "bush beastie"; this time a stick insect.


The hospital had called a family meeting to discuss Dad's possible discharge. I was expecting bad news but it seems that he could be home next week.
Time will tell.

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