Friday, February 26, 2016

Thursday 25th February 2016


It was a mainly quiet day.

Very hot, up to 37C is expected so not worth doing too much outside! I had my orchid photos to keep me busy.

After lunch we all went to the hospital to see Greg, who seemed in good spirits, chatty, & wanting to walk around the ward.

Geoff & I headed out for dinner. We met up with Geoff's old footy mate Phil, although we know him as “Doris”, & his girlfriend Andrea. It was a good night.

Spiranthes australis
Or Austral Ladies Tresses
Diplodium reflexum or Dainty Greenhood
Eriochilus cucullactus or Parson's Bands
Andrea & Phil (Doris) at Cisco's Restaurant

Another fun evening over a feed with Phil, who brought his new (to us) girlfriend Andrea along. We had a good old chat a few beers, and were last to leave the restaurant. I think it embarrasses Varena when this happens, but if we are having a good time, why leave?

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