Friday, February 26, 2016

Wednesday 24th February 2016


Day 2 of Orchid hunting.

I got up early as I knew it was going to be hot.

This time I headed to a little village called Mongarlowe. I'd been told it was a great orchid spot & I wasn't disappointed. Then it was on to Tiangara Falls, where there were a couple more orchid findings, as well as the views of the falls.

My tally was 8 different orchids five of which are “new to me” Midge Orchids.

I was a very hot, & sweaty but happy orchid hunter today!
Corunastylis woolsii or Dark Midge Orchid

Or Freak Midge Orchid
Corunastylis apostasioides
Corunastylis oligantha or Mongarlowe Midge Orchid
Corunastylis ostrina or Purple Midge Orchid

Apart from my now routine activities of getting Mum to and from the hospital, I installed a new doorbell at Farrer. There had been several times when no-one heard it ring, yet callers insisted they they rang it. So now there are two chimes, one at each end of the house.

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