Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday 25th March 2016


You wouldn't have known that Jared & Riley were in the house today. They didn't surface till midday; it's like we had the house to ourselves still!
The chocolate eggs did disappear from by their bedroom doors though!

It was another quiet uneventful day.
The weather seems to be cooling off gradually, so the heating is going on now. I think that the change of season is generally thought to be around Easter time, or is it ANZAC Day (I can't remember).....
Brrrr winter is coming.....

Around the garden with my takes very good photos!

Rain on the petals

And leaves...

Autumn Colours


I nearly went out in the morning, until Varena reminded me that most places would be shut for Good Friday. And when I checked online she was right.

I did go out to get fish and chips for dinner though. And it took ages. The food was good and everyone enjoyed it, but we couldn't order by phone as the number was engaged. That should have been a clue...

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