Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Monday 21st March 2016


I dragged Geoff out to Baluk Willam Reserve, checking out a different part of the reserve. But even with two sets of eyes we only managed to find the Small Tongue Orchid, many leaves & few flowering plants. We did find one plant with a couple of good flowers, so I was happy.

The rest of day was spent back at the house, vegging; what we do best!

Small Tongue Orchid

Leaf of the Tongue Orchid



Rant time:

Holden, wake up to yourselves and stop ripping people off! Wiper blades should not cost $100!!!!

We've had the Colorado for over two years and I thought I'd change the wiper blades. I went and bought some multi-fit replacements, which cost $8.50. But then I could not work out how to take out the old ones!

The original wipers, I discovered, are called beam blades, and are an all in one piece of craziness that are designed to be unclipped from the wiper arm and disposed of, not just to have the rubber refill replaced. If I had not seen it I would not have thought that they existed, because they are unnecessary.

After much searching online I made several attempts at using my recently purchased wiper refills in the original beam blade, but with no luck. So giving in I went and unsuccessfully tried to find after-market replacements. Then, I really had no option than to go to a Holden dealer and buy their extortionately over-priced wiper blades for, get this: $51.60 per blade! That's $103.20 a pair!

My soul burned for hours at the lack of value in being pressed into paying so much for so little. I was not happy. Not happy at all.

But then I had a brain-fart, and had one last go at utilising my $8.50 wiper refill, and I managed it! I have kept my adapted beam blades as spares for next time I need new wiper blades. But the best thing for me is that I can now smugly go around the country with the knowledge that I can spend just $8.50 to replace my wipers in the future, and that Holden can go #^@k themselves.

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