Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday 20th March 2016


It was a quiet morning. Jared's basketball training was cancelled, so Geoff didn't have to get up early.

Riley did, however, need dropping off at his mate Philip's place, so Geoff & Riley headed out around 10.30am
I did a few house chores, sorted out food & played around on the computer for a while.

Shots around Canberra from my early morning when I went to the balloon festival

Down on Lake Burley Griffen


Just the trip to drop Riley off, then Jared to basketball in the evening.

I saw a bit of karma in action at the basketball. One of Jared's teammates was acting the goose and skylarking like an arrogant prat before the match. Only about 6 minutes into the game he rolled his ankle badly and just lay on the floor for an ambulance for the rest of the time of the match (which did not continue, we just watched the clock wind down).

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