Friday, March 11, 2016

Thursday 10th March 2016


Geoff headed off early this morning, so I decided to get up too. I wanted to have a look around Aranda Bushland for orchids. I found only one type, about 5 flowering plants, not in good shape, either passed their best flowering or suffering in the ongoing heat. They weren't new finds either.

Greg is still in hospital, & Geoff is hanging out there with his mum a lot of the time. Greg seems to rally then go backwards again; there is no indication on his release date yet.

I went to the hairdresser's late in the day and had my mop all chopped off! I'm never very good at regular appointments.

Horned Midge Orchid
These were all I spotted on my walk today
they are past their best or heat affected

Much of the Aranda Bushland area has been
recently burnt off


It was an earlier than usual start today in order to get some blood tests done for both Mum and me.  A few weeks ago I went to the doctor about a sore ankle and ended up with thyroid blood tests. Hmmm.

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