Saturday, March 5, 2016

Thursday 3rd March 2016


I had appointment in Woden, so Geoff dropped me to that. Geoff was busy at Farrer trying to get my computer hard drive to boot, without success.

When I got back he'd agreed with me that a new machine was the best option, so we zoomed off to Fyshwick. I chose one at the 2nd shop we went into, much to Geoff's relief. Not one he would have chosen, but I wanted a light one & went with an Ultrabook. Time will tell if it was the right choice or not!

Lots of large Fungi at Nursery Swamp

A creaky old windmill at Orroral Camp Grounds

Stay still & you can't see me!



My Dad has really taken a backward step. Medication? Pain relief? An infection? NFI!

Varena's new computer is rather swish, yet I would have gone for a more work-horse style of machine. But as it is not me that will be using it, or lugging it around, my opinion did not count for much.

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