Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tuesday 22nd March 2016


I headed out for another orchid spotting day, but came up empty handed.
I did have a nice 4km walk around Jumping Creek & Blue Tongue Bend, in the Warrandyte State Reserve, though. The walk followed the Yarra River & was quite pleasant.

Geoff had the day at the house, battling the washing machine by all accounts!
After dinner he had a table tennis game or two with boys in the garage.

Reflections in the Yarra

Ripples on the Yarra

Sunlight & forest

Sun on the web

The end of the trail....


I became suspicious about the washing machine when it would not finish its cycle. I tried several times but could not get the bloody thing to drain and allow the door to open. So, after several reads and re-reads of the instructions I found online, I managed to drag the full washing machine to the back door and pull out the plug. With the water drained I found a small length of chain had wrapped itself around a part of the water pump. Clearing this chain solved the problem, luckily, but this was a new one on me!

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