Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wednesday 2nd March 2016


I did what turned out to be a scenic drive to the Orroral Valley. There was once a satellite tracking station there, but now the kangaroos have taken back control. 
It was my intention to look for orchids; I found approximately 0! None, nothing, nada! I did see 1 sqwillion kangaroos, a couple of White-tailed Black Cockatoos, & a Highlands Copperhead snake though.
For dinner we took the ingredients for chicken & salad over to Evan's to share with him, whilst he & Geoff attempted to fix my broken laptop. 5 hours later; no result!

The old tracking station area

Orroral Valley

Archie joins me on the day out

The entrance to the empty Orroral camping grounds


The phone call Mum received while we drove to the hospital was not encouraging. Someone from the hospital rang to advise that Dad had deteriorated and would not be discharged today. Hmmm.

When working on computers with Ev I always learn a lot. It can be damned frustrating too, but we have a feed and a few beers and sometimes even fix things. Overall it was a fun evening.

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