Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Geoff & I headed off to Mount Cannibal today (NO thanks to our Garmin GPS I might add). Yes, the name caught my eye, plus of course, there are supposedly orchids there.

It was a steep walk to the top, with views across the valley below. The orchids are all hibernating again, so the views & a workout were all we got today!

Lookout number 1

Granite Outcrops

Fashionista Hubby

It was a fairly pleasant drive and then walk. But I admit that I felt a little left out, as I was not clad in body-hugging lycra. There were quite a few people around, and most of them seemed intent on poncing about as exercise. And they were generally dressed in lycra. Maybe next time I'll go awandering in skin tight garb instead of comfy and practical clothes.

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