Saturday, April 23, 2016

Friday 22nd April 2016


I had to return to OPSM to get the lens on my new glasses refitted, as it was wobbly!
Geoff bought himself 3 winter shirts whilst we were at Woden.

After lunch we went to see Greg at Calwell. He was chatty, & telling us about his first 24 hours there. Around 3pm everyone else started turning up, filling Greg's room.

Kathy arrived much later than planned, so it was another late dinner back at Farrer.

My morning out at Commonwealth Park the other week
included a stop at the Beijing Gardens, on the lake front

Also in the gardens was this modern take on a Japanese pagoda

With the weather slowly turning cooler I splashed some cash on some warmer shirts. My last warm shirts were about $5 each from Coles while we were still in WA, so it was about time.

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