Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Monday 25th April 2016


We had an early start today; 3.15am! Geoff, Lorraine, Meg & I went to the ANZAC Day dawn service, at the War Memorial near the city. We caught the free bus from Woden, & very surprisingly, were able to sit at the ceremony. As always it was a very moving service.

After an egg & bacon breakfast I set out for a walk on Black Mountain (no orchids seen) & a photography opportunity at Mount Ainslie.

In the afternoon we dropped Geoff's sister Lorrie & at the airport then headed out to Gungahlin to meet up with old friends (Ray & Chris), who are in town for a couple of days.

Lighting up the War Memorial at Dawn on ANZAC Day

All lined up for the free trip back to Woden or which ever area you came from

The Bush Capital - Canberra

Preparing for the ANZAC Day March


I don't go regularly, but the ANZAC day services are good. It is very important to not forget the efforts and huge sacrifices that others have made for us.

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