Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday 16th April 2016


Mick & Jacqui headed off with Val to the hospital around 10am.

I picked Jacqui up around 11.15am & we went into Civic. We had a short wander around the mall then checked out a couple of art exhibitions on at the Canberra Museum. One was a craft exhibition that caught Jacqui's eye & the other one was on the Bush Capital; both very good in different ways.

The afternoon & evening were quiet, with Mick & Jacqui off to a friend's 50th birthday. So it was back to just Val, Geoff & I at the house for dinner.

Art in Commonwealth Park

And the always funny
Sulphur - crested Cockatoos


I had a quiet morning, staying home to do a few odd jobs. Then it was in to see Dad again at the hospital. No wild Saturday night for us.

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