Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Sunday 3rd April 2016


I was awake for the sunrise this morning; I don't know why! So I wandered across to the foreshore for a few snaps.

Sam & Aaron were having a brekkie/brunch get together at 9.30am, so we made an appearance for an hour or so then headed off for a scenic drive down to Port Lincoln.

We had lunch at a bayside cafe & walked along the pier before returning to Tumby, in time for Geoff to plonk in front of the AFL!

Reception at the Yacht Club

Mr & Mrs Trezise

Geoff's action shot...
Making off with the wedding cake!

Posing in the photo booth

Enjoying the bridal dance!?!

Weirdest shot of the night...
the bouquet throwing, strangely exposed!

Despite Varena's comments I was actually helping with the wedding cake. We were seated, at the reception, next to the lady who made it, and she asked me to help her by moving it to the kitchen so it could be cut up for the guests.

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