Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunday 17th April 2016


Everyone headed off in different directions today. Mick & Val to the hospital, Geoff to Manuka to the AFL match on at the ground there, I went to Tuggernong & to visit Bertie. And Jacqui minded the house.

Skype with Mum was at 6pm, which meant Geoff had to finish off the prep for dinner.

Aussie Rules Umpire & his minions

Commonwealth Park

National Gallery, Questacon & the National Library across the lake

Water reflections on the bridge


Today was something different for me. I was goal umpire for an Auskick game during the half-time break of an AFL match. I caught up with some old footy mates, and got to go out on the ground. Not a huge deal, just something I would not usually do.

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