Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday 21st April 2016


Greg finally left the hospital today. There was a minor hiccup, but he apparently got to Calwell around 11am. He had Val, Geoff, Eileen & Neil to help him settle in so I wasn't needed.

The framed photos on the walls that Geoff & I organised yesterday went down well I was told.
Lorraine arrived from Melbourne in the early evening & is here for the long weekend.

These interesting fungi I spotted in Tidbinbilla made up for
the lack of flowering orchids. Though there are many basal leaves coming up.


Dad's first day at the nursing home was not too bad. He said that his first meal, chicken Kiev, was better than the hospital food. And after lunch a resident started playing piano, so Mum and Dad had a sing-along. There were a few minor obstacles to clamber over throughout the day, but these were sorted out in various ways. The biggest test will be how the care staff are overnight. Only time will tell.

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