Friday, April 1, 2016

Thursday 31st March 2016


We headed out of the Clare Valley for Tumby Bay today, which is around on the Eyre Peninsular, but for some unknown reason the GPS wanted to take us straight across the Spencer Gulf! Maybe it thought we have a boat on board that can get us across, or that we have a very long snorkel so that we can drive on the Gulf sea bed.....another WTF moment for us!

Anyhow, we decided on the safer ROAD route up to Port Augusta, then down the coast road. We stopped at Arno Bay for lunch. We had a few happy memories return to us of our stay here 5 ½ years ago, when we were at the beginning of our trip.

It was another 70kms on to Tumby Bay. The accommodation isn't quite up to the standard of the previous BnB's on this trip. The place is called “The Shack”, as in beach shack & it is a fairly accurate description.

Clare Valley BnB

Drinks on the deck

Port Augusta

South Australian scenery
There is still no one in South Australia.....

This guy was fishing here 5 1/2 years ago, when we were last here!

Arno Bay Pier

Apart from the GPS' surprise routing our trip to Tumby Bay was fairly uneventful. Lunch was good though. I had a burger at the Arno foreshore that was made how it should be made; with beetroot and fried onions.

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