Friday, April 8, 2016

Thursday 7th April 2016


Val, Geoff & I went out together to check out a nursing home for Greg around 10am this morning. This one was better than the one from yesterday in Geoff's & my opinion.

We returned to Farrer for lunch & did a few things around the house, & collected Greg's car from Eileen's place before going to the hospital to see Greg.

Lamb casserole for dinner followed by a couple of episodes of Vikings on TV.

Archie & me posing in Orroroo

Orroroo Kangaroos


Today's nursing home seemed like a place I could envisage Dad moving to. It was bright and cheerful, and it seemed well designed. Touring nursing homes is not something I ever really expected to be doing, but Mum needs the extra sets of eyes, and the support.

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