Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tuesday 19th April 2016


I had a day out at Tidbinbilla, wandering around Lyrebird Track, then through The Sanctuary. It is still school holidays, which I'd forgotten, so there were heaps of people around. But I managed to find the quieter areas for most of the day.

Geoff was busy doing things for Greg & Val. Greg is now going into BUPA – Calwell on Thursday, so things are moving quite quickly now.
My day at Tidbinbilla

The Sanctuary Enclosure Gate

Signs around The Sanctuary

A Potoroo; foraging around, quite disinterested in me looking on

Art in the Park


I spent half the morning putting the right colour touch up paint over the wrong colour touch up paint that the landscaper had used on the house walls. Not real bright that bloke. He is the same bloke that landscaped the back yard with a swale that directed rainwater run-off straight under the shed door, partly because the pavers he had installed were too high.

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