Friday, April 29, 2016

Wednesday 27th April 2016


With trips to Commonwealth Motors for warranty work on Greg's car, Calwell to see Greg, & dinner out with Val to Olive in Mawson today, that filled the day, mostly.

The highlight being dinner at a "new to me" restaurant, & of course visiting Greg!
The food was great with a wide choice to suit everyone. The staff were relaxed & friendly. A place to visit again, I think.

More arty stuff I photographed whilst out with Jacqui a couple of weekends ago

Window art

As we were leaving we saw this Greens interview...
I couldn't resist a photo for Geoff

Dad's car was showing signs of the sun damaging the plastic surrounds around the wing mirrors. No big deal, but may as well get it all fixed while the car is still under warranty.

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