Saturday, May 21, 2016

Friday 20th May 2016


We headed back to (for me) Myola today. I had told Geoff it was a fishing hot spot.... I went with him to the point & stayed for a little while, but then returned to my orchid hot spot for another hunt around to see if there were any different types that I missed the first time around.

Geoff came back empty handed, & after lunch on the beach we headed for Point Perpendicular to check out the old lighthouse. The highlight wasn't the lighthouse but Honeymoon Bay, which was stunning, a real hidden gem, close by on the peninsular.

Myola Point looking down the Currambene Creek



The old lighthouse keeper's house at Point Perpendicular

Etched glass on the front door

Perpendicular Lighthouse & accommodation

The view across to the "Jervis Bay Territory"; which actually belongs to the ACT.
Because the ACT is land-locked the powers that be said Jervis Bay was the national capital's port!!!



Honeymoon Bay... BEAUTIFUL

Rainbow Lorikeets enjoying the
grasstree flowers

Geoff fishing at dusk


Yet again I attended a so-called fishing hotspot and had no luck. Another bloke fishing nearby was luckless as well, but that is not the point. I reckon that fishos are like gamblers - they only talk about the wins. You don't hear about the huge gambling losses, nor do you hear about the many fruitless fishing expeditions. It is still fun, sort of, to go fishing. But a catch or two would be nice!

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