Saturday, May 7, 2016

Friday 6th May 2016


I headed to Lake Burley Griffin for the sunrise, & mist on the water this morning. It was a 6am start, so I had no chance of getting Geoff out that early! But I think I should have left even earlier, as the best colours seemed to be fading as I arrived. 
The mist came along from the Kingston end of the lake after the sun was mostly up & shining through the smoky clouds.

The rest of the day was spent doing the grocery shopping, & sorting out the morning's photos!
Later Geoff & I headed to Tuggeranong for Turkish dinner with Steve & Michelle. Geoff even managed to get a couple of Guinness' after dinner at PJ O'Reilly's.

Colours through the flags

Still lake & the Carillion

This was one of many boats/ kayaks/canoes on the lake & there were dozens of keen exercisers
madly running up & down the lake

Early morning sun on the National Gallery & the autumn leaves

The view in the opposite direction across to Commonwealth Bridge & Black Mountain Tower

Carillion & the mist

It was another good evening with the Briggs. If I'd thought about it more sensibly I would have suggested meeting them for a pre-dinner beverage. But I didn't.             

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