Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Monday 23rd May 2016


A sad day; I heard that one of the first people I met in Australia, Agnes Fisher, died today of cancer. I knew her for 25 years & worked with her for 10 of those years.

Geoff & I had a trip into Nowra this morning to get the ute looked at, as there was a warning light on the dash. With us towing the caravan we didn't want any issues arising from not getting it checked out. I had a wander around the town whilst Geoff waited for the car.

We got back to Bertie at Currarong around 11.30am, completed our packing up & headed for Kangaroo Valley by midday. We checked into a nice caravan park called Glenmack, and got a large site with views of cliffs & fields of lush green grass. Geoff very cleverly asked at reception about good spots to maybe see wombats, so around 3.30pm we headed about 15 mins out of town to a lovely place called Bendeela camping area; a free camp.

Well, I was in 7th heaven; wombats, wombats EVERYWHERE. I think my tally was 13. I was VERY happy.

Nowra's War Memorial

Showground stand in Nowra

Shoalhaven River Lookout from the showgrounds

Historic house

Common or recently renamed Bare-nosed wombat

Walking across the camping grounds at Bendeela

Another cutey...A Rock Wallaby

I was saddened to hear of Agnes' death. She was always a friendly and relaxed person, with her country upbringing coming to the fore regularly.

I am on a bit of a roll. First with the whale sighting, and now with the wombats. I guess that keeping the wife happy is a husband's job, and I do try. Somehow, I know that this purple patch will end, but while it lasts I'm going to try and enjoy it!

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