Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monday 30th May 2016


A sad farewell today.

It was Agnes' funeral. We collected Kin from Downer (she also used to work at Westminster House with Agnes), & headed to Charnwood for the service. There we met up with Rachel, Miles & Virginia, all of whom also worked at the High Commission too.

There was a gathering afterwards, where we had a brief chat with Agnes' husband Bevan, & a couple of their daughters, Donna & Gabrielle. Geoff & I farewelled Agnes in our own way, with a drink at the Old Canberra Inn.

Kin & me

Inside The Old Canberra Inn
circa 1857 (licensed in 1876)

The Snug

The bar & one of several fire places

The façade of The Old Canberra Inn


A fairly subdued day, with the funeral. But in the evening I went over to a friend's place for a beer, and ended up being an uncomfortable witness to one side of a slow motion SMS relationship break-up. A beer turned into quite a few beers...

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