Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday 21st May 2016


Geoff & I headed around the bay again today. I wanted to check out the "Jervis Bay Territory" (it is part of the ACT; as the capital does not have access to the sea, Jervis Bay was named as that access!). Weird I know!
The Booderee National Park is within this Territory. Geoff went fishing & I went to the botanical gardens.

We both checked out the ruins of the St. George Lighthouse, read about the sad history of the place, & we saw a whale breaching off the coast!

The ruins of the St. George Lighthouse

The murky view down to the Jervis Bay entrance & Point Perpendicular

A breaching Humpback whale with a small fishing boat
in the bottom left hand corner of the (poor) photo

HMAS Creswell, the navy college, at Jervis Bay

Lake McKenzie - Booderee Botanical Gardens

Green Patch Beach & creek


Visually, the 2 hours I spent fishing off Murray's Beach was great. The water was like glass, the sun was shining, there was no breeze, and I could see thousands of (mostly small) fish  in the very clear sea. As for the actual attempts to catch these fish: fail. The last few times I'd been fishing I had unsuccessfully used pilchards as bait, and tried a number of lures. So today I tried prawns and lures. Still nothing! 

Spotting the whale was a cool experience, again. Several times over the last few years Varena has said to me, "Why don't you spot a whale", and then I have. Today she never even got the chance to say anything! I was at the lookout first, and had barely made it to the railing, when I called out to her to come and look. The whale performed a couple of spectacular breaches for us, before disappearing in the depths. I must have used up all my piscatorial good fortune by spotting it. That is my excuse for the fishing.

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