Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sunday 22nd May 2016


We stayed around the Currarong area today, taking it easy, as we have had such a busy week!

There are several walking trails around Abraham's Bosom Reserve that we decided to do, after we had a lazy 10.30am cooked breakfast.
The wreck of the SS Merimbula was strewn across the rocks at our first stop. This boat went down in 1928, but all on board survived. There were some beautiful bays/beaches along the track, like Honeysuckle Beach, & Lobster Bay.

It was a quiet afternoon, with our final sunset back in the Abraham's Bosom Reserve, the beach we found on our first night.

A lovely end to our week on the south coast.

Abraham's Bosom Creek flowing to the bight

Part of the SS Merimbula wreck on the rocks

Honeysuckle Beach

Lobster Bay

V & the view

Final sunset of the week


Today I discovered how to get fish. A few blokes were near the wreck of the Merimbula, and they had a couple of fish! I have no idea how long it took them to get these fish, but they were emerging from the water, and packing up their gear, when I saw them. The bit that is holding me back is that they were spear fishing. There were three blokes, two fish, and a whole lot of equipment. I guess that they spent a lot more time, effort and money than I am prepared to, and they still only got two of the blighters. So maybe I don't have it so bad after all.

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