Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday 29th May 2016


It was a foggy & chilly 3C this morning when I headed to Calwell to see Greg.

He was quite sleepy for most of my visit & I didn't like to wake him, so we had short chats when he was awake.

Geoff took Val to her Latin Mass at church in the morning. Then they both went down to Calwell after lunch.
My afternoon was taken up with a pile of ironing, researching for camera things, Blog, & general web-surfing.

PS. Geoff the published author...see last photo!

 A panoramic shot of Geoff on
Currarong Beach on the Crookhaven Bight

Him fishing - me posing!

Geoff is a published author in the local neighbourhood watch rag!

I was rather surprised to see my little submission to the Farrer Primary School 50th anniversary request for "where are you now" titbits published in the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter.

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