Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunday 8th May 2016


The family had a combined Mother's Day afternoon tea & early birthday tea for Greg, down at Calwell today. Because of the number of people expected was to be over 20, the staff opened up a rarely used office for us all.

Most people brought a plate of nibbles. Sadly my cheesecake ended up sliding off the roof of the car; where I had left it, in order to reach in for another bag of stuff! How stupid & annoyed did I feel.
But the afternoon went off very well, & Greg seemed very happy that everyone had come along.

Great grand-daughter Hannah, with grand-dad Neil,
dad Josh Looking on, Sam in the background

Eileen- grand mother to Hannah &
Clare, Hannah's mother

Greg, Val, Eileen, Hannah & Clare

Greg & Val
Greg with some of his grandchildren & great grand children

Varena was rather upset about the cheesecake, and fair enough. I was looking forward to it, as I had already had a taste when I licked the spoon! It had to be done. It is almost compulsory to lick the spoon before it gets washed.

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