Friday, May 13, 2016

Thursday 12th May 2016


I'm still "airy-fairy" in the head; nose is more snotty today.....
Another quiet day ahead I guess.

I did manage, with Geoff's assistance, to make some stuffed meatballs for dinner, then vegged in the afternoon.

Canberra wandering - this the Brassey Hotel, one of the oldest in town

The Hotel Kurrajong is another hotel built in the 1920's

Another nice old building in the Barton area -
The Menzies Building

The meatballs went down a treat. They were really scrummy. As Varena didn't join us for dinner due to being unwell, I could have got away with claiming all the credit. But I didn't. I let it be known that Varena did all the important things; I just warmed it up and served it.

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