Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thursday 19th May 2016


Today we headed south to a little village called Milton. We had arranged to meet up with friends who have recently moved there; they invited us for lunch.

On the way we checked out Boyd Lookout & Granite Falls; the lookout view was very hazy & the falls didn't have much flow. But the orchid basal leaves were in huge numbers (a place for me to return to I think!).

Lunch & chatting with Liz & Barry lasted till around 4.30pm; it was a lovely afternoon.

Up at Boyd Lookout

Granite Falls

Granite Falls creek

One hairy caterpillar

Liz & Barry's place at Milton; with the Budawangs in the distance

"Molly" the rotary hoe, which was used on the property
when the garden was set out


Liz and Barry entertained us all afternoon, including a tour of their large block. The work that must have gone into the landscaping prior to them buying the block must have cost a mint. Barry and Liz get the benefit of all that planning and hard work. Lucky for them.

One of their stories about their new home is about getting the mail. For some stupid reason, despite being only a few hundred metres from the local post office, they could not get the mail delivered. After several "investigations" Australia Post seem to have worked out that making deliveries is a part of their role, but Barry and Liz had to jump through some hoops to make it happen. Odd.

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