Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday 26th May 2016


It's back to Canberra today; the weather is changing so maybe it is a good thing.
We managed to get up the windy, narrow, hilly road & onto the Hume Highway before the rain hit. Then it rained fairly steadily till Canberra, but thankfully it had all but stopped as we got to Bertie's home in Monash.

With Geoff off helping his Dad & Mum to a hospital appointment, I had the fun task of taking stuff from the van to the house at Farrer, with a few loads of washing & drying thrown it too. It was a chilly high of 8C in Canberra; I think winter has finally arrived.

Male Lyrebird at Fitzroy Falls

Common Leafy Greenhood -
Bunochilus longifolius

Speculantha....Name to be confirmed


I was not looking forward to the drive out of Kangaroo Valley. Towing the van up around 600 metres in 10km along a windy road with 15km/h hairpin corners did not sound like fun. It turned out fine, with the ute handling it well.

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