Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday 3rd May 2016


I had a quiet day, with Geoff flitting around the place with Val, & doing odd jobs.

The weather does seem to be cooling down now, & becoming quite windy, so it's nice to be inside hibernating from it, though it is still bright & sunny.

The National Arboretum looking to Black Mountain

My OTT colours of Canberra

The information centre & conference centre at the Arboretum-
As you can see the trees are very small. The arboretum has only been going since 2003/04 after
the devastation Canberra bushfires swept through the pine forest that used to be here. It was decided not
replant pine forests in the area again.


It was off to Queanbeyan with Mum in the morning. The Canberra Tannery, which is actually in ACT, and a smallgoods place satisfied Mum. Then we went down to see Dad.

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