Friday, May 13, 2016

Wednesday 11th May 2016


Dear diary, feeling rotten today. Yucky throat, & feeling "spacey", AGAIN.
I blame the family get-together on Sunday; I don't think I have immunity from kids! Well that's my excuse.

I did get to the van with groceries for our trip away on Monday, but that was the extent of my day. Geoff, Val & Paul went out for dinner, meeting up with Carmel & her kids for a catch-up.
(No recent photos, so it's back to my spares). 

London Bridge (Burra) Homestead from our walk last week

A wreck on the hill above the homestead

Ye old farm gate!

We (minus Varena) trooped down to our usual Chinese restaurant for a very tasty meal with Carmel, Max, and Nathan. The food is consistently good, and we know what to expect, AND it meets with certain dietary requirements that some people have. All good by me.

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