Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wednesday 18th May 2016


We went our separate ways today. Geoff went fishing on Crookhaven Bight / Currarong Beach, & I headed off to check out the area. 
First stop was Orient Point, where there were views along the Crookhaven River. Then onwards to Crookhaven Heads to see the old lighthouse, & my final stop was Myola; which had 100's of orchids, & it MADE my day. There were four different types in flower...

The sunset was nice from the park near the "centre" of Currarong, though it was blowing a gale.

Orient Point

Crookhaven Lighthouse...obviously defunct!

Aboriginal totem poles at Crookhaven heads

Myola art on the street

Bight sunset

Hubby fishing!


I fished for two hours in a gale. I felt that I should have at least been rewarded with a fish for my efforts. NOPE!

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