Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wednesday 4th May 2016


I managed to get Geoff out for a morning. We headed to "London Bridge", near Burra, for a 4km walk to the natural arch over the Burra Creek; which some bright spark has named "London Bridge". The walk then continues to the old homestead that still stands on the land. It hasn't been farmed since the 1970's, but the buildings have all been heritage listed & preserved; they date from the late 1800's.

It was a nice walk, but of course the hills were a killer for me!

We went out for dinner, meeting Phil (Doris) & Andrea at the Kingston foreshore.

The walk begins

The old shearing sheds & out buildings around the picnic area

The arch of the "London Bridge" rock formation.
You approach across the top of it from right to left in the photo; so see nothing till get right down to the river

One of the building that form the old homestead;
which was extended many times through it's life

Sheds near the homestead

Sheep yards further on from the main house


I'd never been there, and it is so close to Canberra, so I joined Varena on the outing to Burra. We had the place to ourselves for the two or so hours that we were there. There were loads of roos and parrots around, and also evidence of wombats, but none were sighted.

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