Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday 17th June 2016


One year ago today Geoff & I headed to Sydney for our trip to Hong Kong & the UK. I can't quite believe it is a year ago already.

It was a damp, warmer, & quieter start to the day for us. I decided to stay at the house, & sort out all yesterdays photos & driving around notes.

Geoff went to see his dad for the morning.

The mottled bark of the
Coachwood tree

The view from Cambewarra lookout


It was out in the rain with Mum to see Dad. Dad was not too lively this morning, but certainly perked up at the opportunity to go along to the old time music concert at the nursing home. He was dancing along in his wheelie walker, and singing along too. It was like someone threw a switch and started him up.

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