Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday 24th June 2016


Geoff & I headed to the Lifeline book fair in Erindale this morning. It started about an hour before we got there, & as we arrived all the car parks were full. People were coming out with bag loads & shopping trolleys full of books.

Inside was crazy full too. When Geoff saw the queue for paying he gave up! But I got a few books; the queue went down fairly quickly.

In the Sculpture Garden at the NGA

NGA from the Sculpture Garden

Inside the NGA, foyer.

Sculptures out the front of the NGA

I should not have been surprised. The book fair is basically shopping. Parking was crap. The fair was full. The queue for paying was about 80m long. And after about 3 minutes I had had enough.

Prior to going to the book fair Varena had asked Mum to check her list of the Bony series of books in case we find one that she has not yet got. At the book fair Varena found a cluster of these Bony books, but we were unsure which ones Mum wanted, as she had not got back to us. As it turns out, there is a fairly rare and usually fairly expensive book that I had in my hands for $2 and put back after I had called Mum and she had laughed off the fact that she had not looked up what books she wanted. Despite her lack of input I drove back to the fair to see if that book was still there. But no, it was gone. We tried!

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