Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Monday 6th June 2016


Val, Mick & Kathy went down to see Greg this morning.

Geoff & I headed to Belconnen to meet an "orchid contact" of mine. He grows terrestrial orchids on his unit balcony. I was surprised at the number of different orchids he has, with several in flower at the moment. And of course I had to take a few photos!

Chiloglottis sylvestris - Small Wasp Orchid

Chiloglottis truncate-
Small Ant Orchid

Pterostylis Taurus-
Little Bull Orchid

Pterostylis tenuicauda
(not from Australia)

Varena was all excited after seeing the orchids. I thought that she would want to head out today and go looking for them, but she managed to resist. Tomorrow will do.

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