Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saturday 11th June 2016


We had a short & crazy visit with Evan this morning. 
Then it was dinner out with Daniel in Kingston, at Brodburgers. Geoff & I had heard of this place; it makes great burgers, apparently. We had a 45min wait for the burgers as they were busy, but we managed to get a seat inside & the burgers were very tasty. 

Afterwards Geoff & Daniel were talking about Guinness, so we headed to the Durham Arms, but they were out of luck!

PS Photos of the coast trip again.

A rock pool at Currarong

On one of my drives around the coastal suburbs I came across this guy with a van full
of stuffed toys. He was taking them out of the van & arranging them on this picnic table!


The burger place does a very good trade. I guess it is because they make burgers like I remember from the 1970's, before mass-produced plastic American burgers became fashionable, and while people still called chips chips.

But why, oh why, would an English-themed pub that has always had Guinness, not have Guinness on? Disappointing!

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