Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday 25th June 2016


During the week I saw on my travels that the Sri Lankan High Commission was having a food festival, & knew Geoff would be keen. I told him, & we headed there for lunch today.
It was tasty though a little on the spicy side. But the yummy egg custard dessert called "Watalappan" soon took the burning sensation from my mouth.
More War memorial photos today.

The domed ceiling of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Simpson & his donkey; helping wounded soldiers
off the WW1 battlefields

A recent sculpture to the bomb detection dog & handler

After visiting Dad, Varena and I headed to the Sri Lankan Food Fair. It was a fund raising event for victims of recent floods. I assumed that we'd be able to get a tasty lunch, and we did. Not a curry, as I had anticipated, but Hoppers and Kottu Roti. They were both good, and made a change for us. 

What grinds my gears (a Family Guy reference) recently, is the stupidity of people who should know better pronouncing simple things wrongly. I know I am not king of all pronunciation, but since when did "incidents" become "incidences"? And despite thousands of people, including the Chaser team on national TV, taking the mickey out of Julia Gillard for saying negotiate (neg-o-shi-ate) as if it was "negosiate" (neg-o-siate), why is it becoming more common instead of less? You may as well go around saying "verse" instead of "versus" and spelling misled as mislead (hello to many Australian newspaper journalists).

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