Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sunday 12th June 2016


I headed to Black Mountain today with Tony & Jean, two very keen & knowledgeable orchid hunters. I was shown some flowering Acianthus (Mosquito Orchids) at the first stop. Then it was mainly basal leaves that are starting to come up for the spring flowering time. I'm slowly getting to know some of the leaves now.

We had a good 3 hour ramble across Black Mountain, though whether I will be able to find any of the sites again is another story.

The budding
Broad-sepaled Leafy Greenhood

Common Gnat Orchid leaves

Dainty Greenhood Leaves

This tiny yellow fungi was everywhere


Varena took Mum to mass and I went down to see Dad, treat in hand, which he enjoyed immensely.

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