Friday, June 17, 2016

Thursday 16th June 2016


Geoff & I had a full day out today.

I had arranged to meet Alan Stephenson, the Shoalhaven region's expert on orchids. He kindly offered to show us around the Nowra area, when I emailed him for suggestions of places to go looking for orchids.

It was a great day; we found 5 different flowering orchids, & were shown many other terrestrial, epiphyte & lithophyte plants & leaves. I now have to remember everything & write it down for future reference. Geoff cleverly put our stops into the GPS.

Frosty start in Farrer

Small Helmet Orchid, or Pelicans

Cobra Greenhood

Our day was long, both in time, and in distance. It was just under 12 hours from departure to return, and just under 500km for the day. But it was fine. As the only person not to get a leech on them, I survived fairly well. Varena learned a heap about orchids, and it was a good day out all round.

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