Friday, June 24, 2016

Thursday 23rd June 2016


Our planned trip to Fyshwick & Kingston this morning didn't happen, as SOMEONE forgot all about it....(apparently I should have reminded him!).

That someone, however, didn't forget about Mexican Chili & Tempranillo dinner at Evan's in the evening! Alcohol & Food; hubby wouldn't forget that!!!

WW2 Gallery

A mini tank; it only came up to my shoulders

The wing of  plane with the wheel folded up into it

The only one of these WW1 tank left in the world

WW1 fighter plane made of wood

WW2 fighter plane also made of wood!

Ex- service armaments outside the War Memorial buildings

Geoff dreaming of a new off-road vehicle!


It seems I may be losing all my hard-earned brownie points with Varena. My excuse, visiting my poor, elderly, father in a nursing home, instead of going shopping, apparently does not cut the mustard.

The evening at Evan's was fun, as usual. And, as usual, it was full of his wild theories and leaps to odd conclusions that are easily argued out of existence, but that are still retained. The chili con carne that he whipped up was good. Varena added the chef's finishing touches, but Ev had done well. We topped off the pseudo-Mexican theme with pseudo-Mexican (ie Spanish) wine: Tempranillo. All was good.

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