Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday 30th June 2016


A cold, foggy, miserable day greeted us.

Not one for going out in, though Geoff had things to do.

I managed to stay in till the evening, when we met up with friends at Rose Cottage for dinner. It's been years since we last went there.

The Sculpture Gardens at the NGA, before the rain came...

Deja Vu....Didn't we see this in England?.....

Yes we did, but it was 5 times the size...
The Angel of the Australia...The Angel by the Lake

The approaching weather

Daniel, Geoff, Carolyn, Meg & Evan at Rose Cottage


I spent the morning mucking about with the tyres for the ute and van. The wear on the van tyres is much less than on the ute, and as they are all the same size, I moved the van tyres to the ute rims and vice versa. It made sense to me.

The afternoon was a very unproductive time. Mum and I took Dad to the Pain Management Clinic at Woden Hospital, where after waiting over a year to get his first appointment, they kept him waiting for an hour beyond his appointment time. And in the end the outcome was that the doctor at the nursing home should put Dad on the meds that the Pain Clinic recommended at the last appointment. I have no idea why the specialist advice was not followed. It is Dad that suffered (literally) in this petty turf war between doctors.

The taxi driver for our return journey was a hoot. He was a scientologist, and a keen one. He was saying that scientology has a pain management method that uses one finger to manipulate shock waves in the body. Of course it is complete fruitcakery with bollocks on top, but he seemed convinced. And I never even got to say "bat-shit crazy", but I was so, so tempted!

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