Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday 14th June 2016


The fog was thick this morning, & when I got to the van it was a chilly 3C....yes... BRRRRR.

I did the cleaning I wanted to, then headed for the supermarket, by which time the sun was out, having burnt off the fog, but the temperature was still rather too cold for my liking.

The excitement for the afternoon was getting hubby to help me install Mozilla Thunderbird...a new email program, because the twits at Microsoft have updated Windows 10 with a new email program which is crap! I can't have it laid out like I want it, & this "Mozilla" one is fairly similar, so I'm giving that a go.
Then of course I had to learn my way around the new email system, though it has been installed for several hours now & I don't seem to have had any new emails come in...."Geoff, HELP!"

Fat Belly Man

New Acton Art

Nudie Hat Man

Eagle attack

Westside Container complex "Street Art"


With vans, there is always something that needs doing. Today it was applying a new seal around the drain tap on one of our water tanks. But it is never just one simple thing, so I spent quite a while on my back under the van inspecting the plumbing, to see whether I could improve the water tank filling times. There seems to be a few suitable methods of doing this, but it is not too important, so I have shelved it. At least the new sealant was applied.

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