Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday 21st June 2016


After a quick stop in at the mall in Woden I headed to the NGA (National Gallery of Australia). I thought I'd get a bit of culture!

As always, there was plenty of weird, quirky & plain strange stuff on display: lots of skulls on clocks, a flying leather bondage castle; which a group of oldies were sitting around having a discussion about! And a human size replica of Antony Gorman's "Angel of the North", out in the sculpture gardens. Geoff & I saw the original last year as we approached Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in England. I now have heaps more photos for the Blog!

PS Geoff & I voted today! SO exciting...It is a postal vote for the NT where we are still registered!

This exhibition was the reason I went to the gallery!

As you can see, skulls were the main theme...
& I thought it was about clocks!!! LOL!

I have nowhere near the level of interest in the sorts of things that Varena describes as "culture" as she has. That is why I don't often go around spending hours looking at crap and/or tasteless and/or pointless so-called art. I appreciate that everyone's taste in art is different, and that there is a lot of clever stuff around, but I don't care. It does nothing for me. Needless to say Varena went to the NGA solo.

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