Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tuesday 28th June 2016


I had a day packing up & sorting our stuff out. We leave Canberra in just over a week, so things need to be taken to Bertie for our departure.

Geoff & I had dinner in Civic. I had suggested BrodDogs, the cousin to the BrodBurger place in Kingston, but there was no parking & we'd have to eat outside!
We made the un-wise choice of the Jamie Oliver Restaurant, which was cold, & the food was boring. However Koko Black, a chocolate cafe next door, was MUCH tastier. The tasting plate was yummo.

The tasting platter or degustation plate as they call it

I was disappointed we didn't get our drinks in these

Chocolates galore at $2.50 each!

I was a bit let down by the food at the Jamie Oliver place. Paying $25 for a bowl of what was only okay pasta seemed a bit steep for me.

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