Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tuesday 7th June 2016


I headed out to Tidbinbilla today; I might as well make the most of my annual pass! As the direct route via Point Hut Crossing was closed due to flooding I went the long way, through Tharwa. The river there was quite swollen.

At Gibraltar Falls there was also a lot of water coming over. I was "interviewed" by a girl from the Canberra Times, who happened to be there with a photographer, checking out the various rivers & falls after the heavy rains (The interview didn't make the paper, but I am in a photograph of the falls, though only I would know it is me!).

Tidbinbilla was damp & empty. I only saw one other person, but heaps of fungi, & orchid basal leaves.

The river at Tharwa
Me at Gibraltar Falls, courtesy of the Canberra Times photographer

Gibraltar Falls

The single lane bridge on the Cotter River by the pumping station-
Usually you can see the river bed on both banks

Shafts of sun light coming through the clouds

Golden hour!

It was my annual skin check today, and I had no need for any treatment, which is a relief. I usually Slip and Slap, but am not keen on Slop, so it was a good result.

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